Friday, September 24, 2010

Living Room Mantle

My living room is still in progress, things are always changing. However, for my mantle I think I found a keeper! My living room has very high ceilings, to accentuate that we found a really huge mirror. We plan to paint our walls a soft grey, I think it will really bring out the teal accent color around our house. For window treatment, we plan to start them from the top of the ceiling to again accentuated the height of the ceilings. We plan for the drapes to be a shade darker grey than the walls. Wow, we PLAN a lot! Lets just hope it gets done soon!

Back to the mantle.......

The fishes fit perfectly in our beach house. They belonged to my parents and I always had my eye on them. They did not really fit into my parents rustic style so they were gifted to me : ) 

Putting my DIY skills to the works, I gave the vintage book look a try. I took a trip to my local Library and purchased some used books. Each book was around 25 cents! I brought them home ripped off the cover, dipped them in coffee, let them dry, stacked them and wrapped them with twine! 

I stuck some sea shells and sea stars in the twine to give them an extra touch. 

I scattered the fish and the books on the mantle. The scattered look gave an interesting yet cohesive look.

There you have it, my Fall, Winter, Spring and Summer mantle. 

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