Tuesday, February 2, 2010


Like I said......... we are starting fresh with the furniture deal! Currently our beautiful master bedroom is NAKED! Now most of you might be saying that it is OK to be naked in the master bedroom, however, with just a bed I say this is a bit too scandalous or BORING! 

But do not worry, my room will not be naked for long! I have some big plans for it. 

The plans go a little something like this: 

       Courtesy of HGTV

I want to go all white this time. There is something so pure, so relaxing about an all white room. Yes, we plan to have kids. No, we are not the most meticulous people. But... I do not care! 

So all white room, here we come! Well, not just yet, I still need to find the furniture, linens, wall paper and accessories. 

I want my wallpaper to be of a silver paisley design. I want my headboard to be tufted and white. I also want some rocking accessories. I might be adding a little splash of my favorite color with the accessories. The color: Tiffany blue! 

I want, I want, I want!

I will let you know when I actually get started on this whole process. 

bye, bye SEMI-old Furniture! Hello, new furniture!

When we moved from Oregon to the beach, we came with the following:

Which means we had to start from scratch with our furniture.

Piece by piece, day by day, we are working on furnishing our beach house.

Although I loved my place in OR and the furniture that lived in it, we knew that none of our old stuff (not really, it was all 4 years or less old) would work in our new place. Hubby and I came to an agreement that we wanted to start fresh! No convincing needed for me the super shopper!

Here is a few photos of the furniture I HAD in OR:

I do miss that place. It was the first place my Hubby and I lived together as a married couple. Although, we have moved to bigger and better things now, this place will always have a place in our hearts : ) 

Looking at these photos, I can see how my taste and decorating senses are totally different in our new place! I am glad with our decision to start fresh!

Life is a bit more beach-ie with the new stuff! 

An O so Hello Kitty Birthday!

It was my B-day the other day and this was my cake.......
No, I did not turn 4, I turned 24 but have yet to grow out of my love for Hello Kitty. Although it looked too perfect to eat. We indulged and ate a slice or 2 or 3.

The best part of this cake was that it was made by my lovely sister in law. She makes cakes for fun. I say she is very much CAKE BOSS worthy! 

Happy Birthday to me! Next year I might go for Elmo ; )