Tuesday, February 2, 2010

bye, bye SEMI-old Furniture! Hello, new furniture!

When we moved from Oregon to the beach, we came with the following:

Which means we had to start from scratch with our furniture.

Piece by piece, day by day, we are working on furnishing our beach house.

Although I loved my place in OR and the furniture that lived in it, we knew that none of our old stuff (not really, it was all 4 years or less old) would work in our new place. Hubby and I came to an agreement that we wanted to start fresh! No convincing needed for me the super shopper!

Here is a few photos of the furniture I HAD in OR:

I do miss that place. It was the first place my Hubby and I lived together as a married couple. Although, we have moved to bigger and better things now, this place will always have a place in our hearts : ) 

Looking at these photos, I can see how my taste and decorating senses are totally different in our new place! I am glad with our decision to start fresh!

Life is a bit more beach-ie with the new stuff! 

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