Monday, January 10, 2011

The COOLEST step stool

OK, so maybe I am overly excited for this step stool but I think it is genius. Maybe it has been around for a while, however, it is new to me! It not only is fashionable but it is functionable! I hate having a step stool take room up in my kitchen so I usually do not have one (I just scoot over a kitchen chair, ruin the hardwood while I am at it, and reach for what I need). When I found this beauty at Marshall's the other day for only $9.99 (wohoo) it immediately went into my cart. 

Here she is standing tall all pretty and teal!

Not only is she pretty but with the just a tug on the handle she flattens and looks so slim.

She easily stores in the cabinet without having to move anything around!

Go get one...... you will be excited too! 

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Kitchen Buffet ReVamP!

I love my kitchen nook and I love that it has a built in glass buffet where I can display all my white dining collection. Since moving in, I had been shoving my favorite pieces in the buffet, however, the white dishes, vases, cups etc. did not stand out as much as I liked. 

Today while tackling my daily chores I found my self bothered by the way things looked in this buffet. It took my "New Year brain" a few minutes to come up with a brilliant idea, what if I used the remaining seagrass wall paper from my recent powder room revamp . I soon said to "H_E double hockey sticks" with my daily chores and got to work with this project. 

Here is how Miss.Buffet looked before.

Here she is in progress. The process was quiet simple in fact. I used a hot glue gun, scissors and wall paper. I made the process simple for my own sake and for the sake that I might not like it next year or next month or even in the next hour........ With only a few squirts of hot glue it would be easy to rip out in the long run but is also nice and secure for the time being.  

Tadaaaaa..... my white dishes look better already!

To stick with the natural element of the sea grass, I displayed my vines purchased from ZGallerie along with a wicker basket filled with the fabulous Pellegrino. The two balls are also wicker.

Dishes are from Crate and Barrel and Home Goods. Plane white dishes make me so happy.

I have more white dishes sitting in the dish washer (if only the dishwasher would empty its self) I am also out to shop tomorrow for some more. Yay!