Friday, August 13, 2010

My own ART

I wanted to mix the photo wall up a bit and add some art, or words of inspiration.
Since this art piece will be displayed on our stair landing, I wanted to use some words of inspiration. I have seen the saying "Make your own path" and it struck me a few times. Now every time I walk down the stairs to start my day these words will inspire me. 

To make my art I went to Aaron Brothers Framing with my 40% off coupon in hand. I bought a basic black frame which set me back only $14! Great price for such a big frame!

Next I cut up some old maps to make my background. I glued the map pieces on the cardboard provided with the frame. 

I then typed up my saying in large letters and black font. Next, I cut my letters out using an X-acto knife. I simply glued the letters on after measuring precisely. 

And wallllla...... My art is done! It sits nicely on the landing of my stairs and inspires my dear Hubby and I daily! 

                                                  All images from Surf at the S's