Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Master Bedroom Progress

         This past weekend the Hubby and I made some progress on our rather naked master bedroom.
                                     We purchased two items from my second home ZGallerie.


    We Went with the Victoria Bed. I have been eyeing this beauty for quite some while. I ordered her in a custom fabric called Snow. The fabric has a soft sheen to it and looks more luxuries as compared to the standard fabric the bed already comes in.
The Pauline Chaise has been my Hubby's fav for some while. Since he has a thing for chairs (I know right?) I let him pick the chair. I love everything about it. From the comfy texture to the nail heads. We picked a grey fabric called Storm.
I plan to purchase the below nightstand for our bedroom, however, I could not give in to the $450 each price tag. I saw the same ones at HomeGoods a few months ago for $250 a pop! Im going to be a HomeGoods stalker untill I find them again! 
Although I am really excited for our new items and the progress of our bedroom design I just learned that we have to wait SIX WEEKS for items to be ready for delivery. Which means I just have to dream about them till then. Like the Hubby said, waiting will make us more excited for their arrival, got to love his optimism!


  1. Holy-great-taste-in-furniture-batman!! I just adore each piece you picked out. Like ADORE! Oh... I can't wait for the day we have extra moolah to buy beautiful pieces like this!

  2. Thank Tami! We have been living in our bare bedroom for a year now! It is about time we got started on this project! The longer you wait the more exciting it is!

  3. I love that bed! Well, I love z too, they have one a few miles from here, very dangerous!
    Thanks for your visit, beautiful blog!

  4. I adore all these pieces! Gorgeous!


  5. Kristin, Thanks so much. The complements mean a lot coming from you since I adore your blog!

    Thanks Leah, I just discovered your blog..... lovely!

  6. Gorgeous pieces!! Have they arrived yet? I am swooning over your bed :) xo

  7. Thanks for visiting Sarah! I did receive the pieces a couple of weeks ago. The bed is very swoon worthy. We call it our big marshmallow! The room is still in progress but I will have some pictures soon!