Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Bakin or Fakin?

Today I ba........ I mean faked a cake! Well the picture below is of a real cake of course and I did make it thats for sure!

Let me fill you in on my little secret, its a little secret because I will not till my husband of course! From the bakery section at my local grocery store I picked up a ready made angel food cake. Being that it is strawberry season, I grabbed a few baskets of fresh strawberries, canned strawberry sauce, custard mix and some cool whip! All I did was slice the cake in three and went on to layer it with my goodies. I did not go in any particular order with the layering. I just did what I wanted. Let me tell you it turned out FANtastic! An A+ cake in a few simple steps and time to spare!

Doesn't she look so pretty : )

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