Thursday, January 14, 2010

Welcome to the blog world I guess......

I have been secretly following a few blogs for some time and well I thought it would be fun to join this O so exciting world of blogging! So here I am. I am young and in love with decorating. My dear Hubby and I purchased our first home a few months ago and we are enjoying decorating it and making it our own. We live on the beach (I know I still can not get over this fact) Huntington Beach, CA to be exact. We love everything the beach has to offer: the sun, the sand, the surf and of course the sea shells! Most would say we are so lucky to live on the beach and by God, I agree! However, our life was not always so "beach-ie". We were living in the lovely and might I add, rainy, Pacific Northwest in the beautiful state of Oregon. 

Although cold and cloudy, I would not have traded living in Portland, OR for anything. In fact I miss it and all its beauty, but more on that later!

View from our house in OR on a Fall day!

On our website Surf at the Sood's Beach House, I am going to include all things house and all things LIFE! Our website will chronicle my Hubby and I's life at the beach, but most importantly our beach house. I will share with you my decor ideas and our plans and outcomes of renovations. Although newer, we plan to do make some changes in this beach house so that we can truly call it our own! Stay tuned, call your blog-friends over and welcome to our blog! 


  1. Well hello there fellow beach dweller! I saw your post on the YHL blog today and followed you over here :) My husband and I just bought our beach-pad in Santa Monica about a month ago (we just moved from NC). It's truly a fixer-upper, but my ideas for it are grand. Our paths are definitely going along the same lines... and I'm excited to see/hear about your fun decor adventure.

  2. Thanks Tami! Isnt it so fun and dreamy to own a home by the beach! The possibilities are endless! My hubby and I have been living in our new home for a year now. Let me tell you, time flies. We are slowly doing things to upgrade. The more time you take the more fun it is and the better the results. Thanks for following my blog!